The beginnings of a great adventure

I have a confession. I am a super Type A personality. Not just a little. Like alphabetize your spice rack on a Friday night before going out because it will really up your efficiency game and you can’t afford not to, when you think about it.

If you are Type A, well thought out plans are more than plans. They are a way of life. So as you might imagine, my definition of adventure was a very defined and calculated thing. Benefits, costs, risks and rewards meticulously considered, weighted, categorized, and organized.

The only exception to this lifestyle was vacation. Vacation was and still remains a sacred time when the plans can be parked. No check in required at the end of the day to see what was accomplished and no jury and adjudication to decide whether it was enough. So I guess it makes sense, in retrospect, that this would be the perfect moment in time to meet Jon.

Jon was a stranger on a plane. I was boarding a flight back from Bali homeward bound to Canada when I heard Jon’s friend Russ whisper ‘now aren’t you glad you didn’t win the window seat?’ as I approached.

For anyone who hasn’t been, Bali is a magnificent place. If you’ve read Elizabeth Gilbert’s ‘Eat Pray Love’, just know it’s an accurate representation. The people are some of the most gracious and kind people you will ever meet. I had reached maximum levels of relaxation and happiness while traveling with my sister Chantel, her boyfriend Andrew and our girlfriend Nicole.

So when this good-looking South African stranger started to chat me up, I knew just what to do. I owned it. I talked about all the things I loved when I wasn’t worrying and being super Type A – fantastic friends and family, future travels, running and endless possibility for the future. And he shared his passions for surfing, delicious noms and the people that meant the most. As the flight came to an end, we both were certain that we would never see each other again. BECAUSE THAT WOULD BE CRAZY RIGHT? And that was most definitely not in the plans.

But then something happened. A flight turned into some emails. Some emails turned into many emails. Many emails became many skypes. And before we even realized, we were on a date in San Francisco to run a marathon.

One month after our first date, Jon left his current home London to come be with me in Canada. And life has not been the same since. I am still Type A but little by little, I am learning to let go and flow with the currents that life sends my way. Thanks for making life more interesting than I could have imagined Jon. Let the adventures begin. xx

Photography by the wonderfully talented David Guenther

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