One of my favourite Jerry Seinfeld skits is 'sucks versus great.' I've lost count of the times I've thought 'Oh, Jerry!' after doing a 180 on how I felt about something. Those moments when you realize the worst things in your life were actually the best. 

Returning home for Christmas had me thinking about Jerry once again. I think being Canadian and more so, an Edmontonian or Bonnyvillian, is not an easy thing, especially come January. What became so obvious returning home is the magic in annually accepting that at times you will go outside and when you do, your eyelashes will start freezing together, your skin will burn and it will hurt to breath. And that is just the few seconds it takes to run and start the car.  For my runner friends who've ventured out for those minus-thirty runs, you already know the answer. It's that point when you hit the wall and just decide 'F*ck it! I'm doing this anyways!'. It's all those times, Edmonton, that you've been dealt an intolerable hand in the weather department and decided that was no reason not to do - as an awesome Yogi once told me - 'cool shit'. It's the times you decided to have freezer box racessnowball fights or make an Apple commercial incredibly touching when you could have opted to stay inside and complain.

Who would have known that going from plus thirteen weather in London to minus twenty weather in Edmonton, could feel so warm?

Depicted below: a few shots of the homeland.