My in-laws, Jon and I decided to take a risk and visit Devon in the wintery (British style, so really not real winter) month of December. With promises of ponies and cream teas, we set off on the road to Dartmoor. Arriving in Devon, we made our way to the Oak Barn. If you ever need to get away from the craziness that is London (or insert any other major city here) and take a proper chill, this is fantastic option. The location is stunning and the Oak Barn, a barn converted to a charming cottage, has been entirely hand built using traditional materials and methods by the owner (think trying to complete every DIY pin you've pinned to Pinterest and actually be successful). 

If the sweet accommodations don't wow you then just open the window. The neeeeiggghbors might pop in for a tasty treat. Expert tip - remember to buy a few extra apples and carrots for the unexpected visitors. About the hardest part of the trip was trying to decide whether to cook for ourselves or walk down to the Rugglestone Inn for a delicious pie and pint. 

And lastly, as a trip would not be a trip without a bit of adventure, I finally took to the roads and drove for the first time in England. On the opposite side of the road. Between tight hedges taller than the car. And the amazing part of all of that - everyone survived my driving. I say that calls for another pint at the Rugglestone.