The fancy forest

As I've started to decorate our house, I've quickly learned the concept of proportion. Our house isn't big and often it's the oversized art pieces or decorative touches that make the rooms feel bigger, cleaner and just plain ol' fancier. But "oversized" often comes with a price to match. The next Home-IY: the three piece centrepiece. You need: a large glass vase (once again check low cost retailers and antique shops), a greenery ball (I can always find these in the $10-$20 range at HomeSense) and some driftwood or branches. Get creative with the last item: I picked my driftwood up (literally), when walking along the MacKenzie River on a trip to the Northwest Territories, and it's a great little reminder of a beautiful location. You can also add a decorative flair to the wood element by painting one or both pieces with wood craft paint in a solid colour or pattern (I think using a metallic paint would look fresh). Last, assemble the three pieces together; the greenery will simply sit atop the wood and vase. To spice things up, you can purchased battery operated string lights and wrap the lights around the wood pieces.

Voila, you have yourself a thrifty, fancy forest - the perfect mate for that farmhouse kitchen table.