The Knysna leg of our trip was one of complete luxury and decadence. Opting to stay at the Alexander, a five star guest house on the edge of Knysna's Eastern Head, we felt like royalty. To begin the day we were presented with a spread like no other - five or six types of pate, someone's grandmother's amazing secret recipe health bread, danishes, croissants, slow cooked gammon, a variety of preserves. And that was just the buffet. None of the many amazing buffet dishes suit your fancy? No worries. The kitchen will whip you up a delicious omelette to your specification, or whatever your heart may desire.

After back to back days packed with adventuring, we decided this would be the ideal location for a relaxed lazy day. Laying on the patio of our room, we watched whales passing by and enjoyed the magnificent views. When we did emerge from our room, we discovered that Travis the service ninja (general manager) of the Alexander had arranged our dinners for the evenings we had in Knysna. Not only that, but a delightful ballie (South African slang for dad) named Cedric would be our driver we were informed.

We decided to begin our first evening in Knysna with sundowners at Senza after learning the #1 Trip Advisor rated East Head Cafe was a breakfast/lunch restaurant only. With unbelievably pretty views of dramatic cliffs and cerulean blue oceans in the warm glow of the sunset, we enjoyed some patio side snacks and bevies. The lightly coated crispy calamari was so fresh and flavourful. And oh the oysters! I had heard rumours that Knysna was the place to have oysters. The rumours are true.

Slaves to the noms, we tried many delicious places but rather than bore you to death with the details I'll cut to the important bits. Anchorage is a lovely seafood option but stick to the surf, avoid the turf. You must try the quiche at Ile de Pain. It will make you realize all other quiche are cheap impostors. Babotie spring rolls sound wrong but they are so right. It's a must if you check out the Olive Tree.

On our final night after paying for our meal, I received the ultimate celebrity/royalty send off. As I snuck off to the loo, the waiter told Jon 'I have to tell you, your wife, she looks just like Jennifer Aniston. I’ve been looking at her all night.' Thanks Knysna, not true but you sure do know how to make a girl feel fancy.