The painted mirror

Whether you are renting or a new homeowner, you quickly realize that the cost of furniture adds up fast (shout out to anyone who has rocked a picnic table and lawnchairs for furniture, I feel you). Add in the cost of finishing touches and you may start to dread the four walls you were so excited by originally. My solution: get inspired by some of your favourite home looks and get your DIY on. In the first instalment of Home-IY I present the painted mirror, as inspired by the Kate Spade for West Elm Collection.

You only need three things: a mirror, multi-purpose black craft paint (just check that it works on glass) and a brush. I found my first mirror (not pictured) at the antique store for $20 and was impressed with my thrifty brilliance. I then brought myself back to earth after shattering this mirror when attempting to pop it out of the frame (note to self: if you want to paint an antique frame, just tape the mirror portion, don't mess around with the glass). The oval mirror pictured was a Home Sense find, but also consider the Dollar Store, Ikea or other low-cost providers. From there it really is as simple as painting whatever picture or phrase you fancy (I was this close to using "but first, coffee" or "why, hello"). You may want to test the size and type of font on some paper ahead of time (I had the benefit of practicing on glass shards). The best part of this project is that the paint will scrape/wash off, so feel free to change your mind.

Happy painting, and here's to a few more zzzz's.