The Road to Dartmoor

On our way to Dartmoor, we passed through the New Forest. If this sounds like something out of Robin Hood, it's because it is. Or really any historic british film, ever. The New Forest is home to roaming ponies as a result of various New Forest Acts which give certain farmers the right to free graze their animals. What this meant to Jonny and my father-in-law Mike was series of road side photo stops as my mother-in-law Jen and I shouted out 'oh ponies!' every 15 minutes or so.

Lucky for all parties involved, we did have a planned stopover to visit some South African friends who had migrated to start a new life working on a horse ranch. Having diligently completed all seasons of the Peaky Blinders, I was fairly certain I knew all there was to know horse racing related. However our gracious host Katherine provided us with a David Attenborough narrative that proved otherwise. All I have to say is that if I must be reincarnated, I have high hopes to return as a prizewinning filly.